Chintamani Kar Bird Sanctuary (CKBS) sample Project

Here we added a sample project for the students who want to make a project about Chintamani kar Bird Sanctuary. CKBS is choosed several times as a destination for excursion of many well-known colleges and universities. Sometime, school students are gathered here to view the natural beauty. CKBS is one of the most popular place of kolkata. Here we attach a sample project to help those intending student want to have a project on Chintamani kar Bird Sanctuary. Here, we use simple english and cover entire things about ckbs from past to present. Sometimes we added some pictures, some of them are clicked by us but many of them are clicked by other visitors.

you can download the entire sample project on Chintamani kar Bird Sanctuary from here.


Written by Mrinmoy

Mrinmoy is a student blogger, who started blogging from his school life at 13 years old. He do post on educational things as well as on various triks and tips of internet.


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